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Olive Oil Cretan Earth

The new harvest (November 2019 and bottled on January 2020) of fantastic olive oil CRETAN EARTH from CRETE has arrived and is available in different sizes!

We sell in the restaurant one of the best Cretan olive oils “CRETAN EARTH”, in different sizes.

It’s ready to be tasted on your table right at the start of your order, along with Himalayan Salt and Three-Grain Pepper,

which tastes wonderful with the freshly baked bread that’s been added!


Our Honey is here!!

Pure Thyme Honey and four other high-quality types of cretan honey are now available in our restaurant

Prices for 450 gr  pure Cretan Honey :  from 12,90€ /13,90€

                                                                                                                                                              Prices for the Olive Oil:

500 ml 10,50€

1 Liter   17,50€

5 Liter 49,90€